Friday, May 4, 2012

Curly Girl Hair Care Tips from DOAMK

We've gotten a lot of questions in person and online about how to handle curly hair like ours. Here's the thing: all mixed people are different. We don't splice the same genetics. 

Still, there are some exceptional products, tips, styles, and beauty parlors that have worked well over the years. We know that even having a lead can really take the stress away.


Here is Passion on her YouTube channel bitesizepassion with some of her best tips and products.

Other tips and websites:

  • Always go to a stylist that is either Ouidad or Deva Curl certified. You can find out who is certified on those websites.
  • Find your hair type, reviews, and products on
  • Try a variety of products and try to stick to ones with less synthetic chemicals and more natural ingredients.
  • Don't wash your hair everyday. If necessary, just add more conditioner or wet it slightly.
  • Forget the comb. Your fingers will know the nuances of your curls better and not shred them.

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