Sunday, June 3, 2012

To Offend Someone from Detroit

I call "Fives" when I'm leaving a seat that I want to mark as mine. Today, I ran into a girl who calls this "Rosa Parks" and found nothing wrong with saying so while myself and an African-American guy was in the room.

I don't know what was more offensive: the fact that her upbringing didn't see something wrong with that, or that she had the lack of forethought to say it in front of me and my friend from Detroit. I was so upset that I gathered up my stuff and left on the spot.

My Detroit friend told me that's why he spaces out sometimes so that he doesn't have to hear ignorance like that. In any case, I told our boss and she said we'd talk to the girl (who had left by that time) on Monday about her choice of words. I'm hoping this will all be squashed then, and that the girl just didn't understand how offensive she was being.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Minorities: A New Majority - US Census

According to the National Journal, minorities are the new majority! Well, our babies are anyway. In the official 2011 Census for America, minorities make-up 50.4% of all children born in the States.

The places with the highest minority ratios:

  1. Hawaii (77%)
  2. D.C. (65%)
  3. California (60%)
  4. New Mexico (59.8%)
  5. Texas (55%)
Hispanics were the largest group, followed closely by African-Americans. However, Asians were the second-fastest growing group. 

It is estimated that by 2042, minorities will become the real majority. Total minorities still come in at 37% of the population. So why, if we have more babies, will it take so long?

The answer is simple: Young people are more diverse, but there aren't as many young people being born as there are older people. We have more adults (who are less diverse) living past 65, and less young people having so many kids. (It is unclear whether this relates to drops in teen pregnancies, access to birth control, education, and healthcare, or a natural choice because of the declining economy.)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Curly Girl Hair Care Tips from DOAMK

We've gotten a lot of questions in person and online about how to handle curly hair like ours. Here's the thing: all mixed people are different. We don't splice the same genetics. 

Still, there are some exceptional products, tips, styles, and beauty parlors that have worked well over the years. We know that even having a lead can really take the stress away.


Here is Passion on her YouTube channel bitesizepassion with some of her best tips and products.

Other tips and websites:

  • Always go to a stylist that is either Ouidad or Deva Curl certified. You can find out who is certified on those websites.
  • Find your hair type, reviews, and products on
  • Try a variety of products and try to stick to ones with less synthetic chemicals and more natural ingredients.
  • Don't wash your hair everyday. If necessary, just add more conditioner or wet it slightly.
  • Forget the comb. Your fingers will know the nuances of your curls better and not shred them.